Hoola for Happiness is an international organization that uses hoola hoops to spread joy. 

We make and send hoops all over the world to youth most in need of joy and freedom. We love and serve our local community through hoop dance projects with our nonprofit partnerships. We arise Joy Spreaders to invest deeply in their places of mission, rooted firmly in faith and equipped with joyful tools of movement, worship and playfulness. We unite the hooping community with passion and purpose by showing God’s immense love to all.

Infused with God's Love, Hoola Hoops bring Joy, Freedom and Healing.

The hoop may seem like just a silly child’s toy, but it is an incredibly powerful “joy magnet” for transcending language barriers, introducing joy where hope has been lost, creating pockets of light in darkness, and releasing freedom for bodies and souls.

We at Hoola for Happiness love to spread joy to all people, whether that’s refugees, orphans, troubled teens, beloved elderly, survivors of abuse or trafficking, college students, working women and busy moms, neighbors living on the street, families in the park, school-age children, those with disabilities…people of every background and nation! We believe the hoop dance is for everyone, regardless of age, race, religion, sex, or dance ability. This is the same as the love of God.