Hoop Count: 8,100

Our Hoola for Happiness hoop is a five-color travel hoola hoop that easily folds down to fit in any bag or suitcase. The five colors represent the story of God’s Love for us through Jesus, as well as the story of a transformed life.

Hoops have gone to 86 countries, and the sky is the limit on how Joy Spreaders have used these tools of JOY and FREEDOM.

Hoops have been used in therapeutic dance programs for girls rescued from sex trafficking in India.

Hoops have been used by clown ministries in cancer hospitals, drug zones, mental illness facilities and retirement centers in Brazil.

Hoops have been used as movement meditation for kids and adults struggling with life challenges in Czech Republic.

Hoops have been introduced as a graceful, joyful and childlike tool for releasing worship dance.

Hoops have been used to bring refugees and allies together in unity and peace.

Hoops have been used for exercise, fitness and fun in orphanages, schools, parks, businesses and inner city youth programs.

Hoops have been used to share stories of overcoming addiction with teens in America.

Hoops have been taken by mission trip teams all over the world to simply spread joy and God's love through play and laughter.


You are part of our mission

This "Joy Spreading Movement" started with one person with one hoop in one country. Every little thing matters. You matter. Get involved with us TODAY. Joy is contagious, and our world needs a lot more of it!

Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta: 'Do small things with great love'