Resilient One Ministry Feature: Hoola for Happiness

Resilient One leaders Andrea Wakim and Kristine Coffman feature Hoola in a Video Interview
Published on Aug 31, 2016

Hoola for Happiness is an organization committed to spreading joy throughout the world, one hoop at a time, one life at a time. We had the honor of interviewing them and hearing the story of how they got started.

RESILIENT ONE exists to tell the stories of brave women who have overcome any form of abuse and now use their past to propel others into kingdom mission. 

Our heart is that every woman who has suffered any form of abuse or self-harm would know that they are called to freedom. That women throughout the global church would be awakened to their purpose and identity in Christ. We exist to celebrate stories of heroic women in the faith that are using who they are and what they have to reach the lost, the poor, and the broken. Inspiring women into kingdom action and encouraging those who already live intentional lives of mission. Our goal is to empower and encourageresilient women who feel called to be missional leaders in their communities. To help them, perhaps for the first time ever, know that they are called by God and that they are not alone. 

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