So you want to be a Joy Spreader?

There are many ways to be involved as an extension of the Hoola for Happiness ministry team. We make and send hoops all over the world to youth most in need of joy and freedom. We love and serve our local community through hoop dance projects with our nonprofit partnerships. We arise Joy Spreaders to invest deeply in their places of mission, rooted firmly in faith and equipped with joyful tools of movement, worship and playfulness. We unite the hooping community with passion and purpose by showing God’s immense love to all.

Certified Joy Spreaders have accumulated at least 100 hours in hands-on training and mission experience with the Core Team of Hoola for Happiness. Check out Our Values and see if this speaks to your Heart.


1. Order 5-color Hoola for Happiness Travel Hoops to take on your next mission trip or to a local project for a group that you really care about. Spread Joy right where you are! 

2. Schedule a digital training for you or your team with Hoola for Happiness on how to use the hoops and spread joy most effectively.

3. Follow Instagram @hoolaforhappiness and Facebook for upcoming Hoola events and worship dance nights. Email us if you are interested in this! 

4. Book a mini-Joy Spreader training retreat for your team (minimum 5 participants). Currently only available in Atlanta. Travel can be arranged to other locations…let’s discuss! 

***Event Bookings will start again in Spring 2020 as Founder Carissa is on sabbatical to have a baby :)